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Park Icon Collection

Park Ride Collection

Mouse in the House Vases

Adorable Add Ons

Why are you sold out?

A common question we get is why are you always sold out? When will you be back open? We are a small shop that 3-D print everything in house (literally). We open approximately every 3 weeks for orders, and once we reach our max of what we can make in 3 weeks are sold out till all orders are fulfilled.

To get updates on openings, please follow us on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter!



What Our Customers Say...

Such an amazing product! The quality is beyond anything I could have imagined!

- Lyndsay

What Our Customers Say...

I LOVE this planter! They are not only cute, but very well made. This is already my second purchase from GalacticGardenArts, and won't be my last. I recommend following them on instagram so that you can get details on their restocks, their planters go fast! 

- Veronica

What Our Customers Say...

Looks so cute in my kitchen! If you're thinking about buying it just do it. I waited months and should have bought it sooner.

- Kathleen

What Our Customers Say...

These are amazing I love them! Each item I receive from this shop is such great quality the attention to detail is impressive! Keep up the great work!!

- Melissa

What Our Customers Say...

Amazing as always! This is my third order and I am always impressed with the quality of the product and prompt shipping. I can't wait to see what their minds come up with next!!

- Sarah