My new Disney World must haves!

I have been to Disney World MANY times, but on my most recent trip found a few items that helped make our trip better!! Below each picture is my affiliate link to the item on Amazon if you want to support our shop by shopping thru it :).
My Minnie Camera phone case lanyard first is my NUMBER 1 favorite item! I am always getting my phone out to video and take pictures in the parks and it can be a hassle, plus I always worry about dropping my phone or losing it. I found this ADORABLE phone holder that you can carry around your neck that looks like a super cute camera on the back. In addition it has a pop out loop on the back that makes holding in your hand better. I couldn't have loved this more, and am tempted to keep wearing at home when i go grocery shopping, LOL. I'm calling this my new Disney trip must have. I thought it would also be cute for kids with an old iphone or ipod for them to take their own pictures, without worrying they'll lose it.Its also super cheap!
Next up was Chris' favorite, a cooling baseball cap. It's super lightweight and you get it wet and it has cooling fabric inside that then makes the hat feel cool on the inside to help you beat the Florida heat which can feel oppressive in a Disney Park. 5 out of 5 stars on this one!
Next up was something I got a TON of questions about on Instagram, it was my Magic Passport from The Letterfolk. It is a fun and easy way to record your daily highlights, and if you have a polaroid you can put a daily pic on the blank page. I used mine to record a summary of the day or Cast Members I want to recognize for excellent service. And even better, its from a Small Shop!
Mask lanyards are a must have in doing Disney during this pandemic. Masks are required indoors and on Disney transportation, so to have your mask on a lanyard to easily pop on and off was SO helpful. Just don't be like me and drop Dole Whip in it when you're eating as it hangs around your neck, LOL. I bought mine at a local store but linked some colorful ones here!
A pop up hamper was SO handy for in the room to corral a weeks worth of dirty clothes and made it easy for me to take to the hotel laundry room. And I love how this one is sectioned to sperate whites and darks so will continue using at home even!
Another cooling product! Frogg Togg cooling towels are an old standby for us actually, but was so happy we brought again. When you get this towel wet it feels cool to the touch and is a lifesaver when you feel like the heat is beating down on your neck with no shade at Epcot! They sell cooling towels at Disney but they're about double the price so better to buy ahead.
 This setting spray helped my makeup stay thru the heat and Splash mountain from sun up to sun down. It was my first time using and I was so impressed.
You don't want to get dehydrated, so we would get cups of ice water from counter service restaurants and add these Propel packets to stay hydrated and save the $4 on  Powerade. Stopped us from having that woozy heat feeling.
 Again, its hot, so this fan was also a lifesaver to have around your neck, its rechargeable and once its on I would forget I had it on besides the fact I felt so cool. I also ended up using it on the plane ride how, because you know how planes get SO HOT before you take off? This was a lifesaver then to.
I hope those help! Disney is a vacation unlike many others, but all these items helped make our trip smooth and comfortable, I hope they help your family to!

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